An owner of a sexy smooth voice, which she uses in Prague Conspiracy, Ocko TV’s Drive anchorwoman, and after a photoshoot for For Men also a photomodel. Charismatic, talented, tattooed, beautiful, yet very nice and humble, that is the impression Aneta Galis gave on her photoshoot with Lucie Baldé and interview with Věra Milfi.

You were born in České Budějovice, but you subdued Prague very fast. What do you think made you so successful so quickly? Not everyone can do that.

I would rather say that Prague subdued me. I came this way 5 years ago. I spontaneously packed my stuff because of the band. I didn’t know what was going to happen. But when I look back it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Also, I don’t have a compass in my head to direct me which way to go all the time. I live my life to the maximum; I learn every day and always believe that intuition guides me the right way.

Did you imagine your future as it is now when you were 15?

When I think about it, yes I did!

You went through a talent contest. What was the experience like? Would you do it again?

I signed with Superstar because I was actually bored, and that changed pretty quickly there. It is very intense for a 19-year-old girl, but the main things I got from it were my opinions on business and people. I am thankful it all happened as it did; that I went from instant TV fame back to České Budějovice to do shows for 10 people again. It has been 7 years now. Years full of crazy experiences and twists that molded me into my current form. But today I wouldn’t go through such a competition again. I feel differently now. I don’t need to fulfill others’ ideas about me.

How did you come to be offered the job of anchor on the most famous Czech music channel?

The three of us were selected based on the concept of the show: A cheeky girl to interview music bands, a biker and sports commentator to interview athletes and a tattoo artist and owner of a rockabilly clothing line to talk to artists, dancers etc. They liked us in our own natural environments and just put that all together in the show.

When did you realize for the first time that you are famous? And while it isn’t terribly politically correct to ask, do you have any celebrity demands for unusual items in your rider?

I must say that I still don’t feel famous. Sure, thanks to the band and the show, I have a chance to be seen more on media but my life isn’t about becoming some “celebrity”. I just live my life and if someone cares, it is nice sometimes but there is a darker side of it as well. By the way, I need nothing more than beer and some vegan food in my rider.

Let’s get back to music. Currently you are a part of Prague Conspiracy. Do you remember your first show with them?

Yes I still do. It was in 2011 in Fléda, it was totally packed there, around 1000 people. My memory of the show itself isn’t the clearest because I was in huge shock and went through an adrenaline rush that night. Do you have anyone you look up to musically? What do you listen to in your free time? The 60’s and 70’s music had a major impact on me; the underground and theatre stuff. My musical interests are insanely wide. I cannot pick just a few names. Currently, I often listen to live shows of Lucie from Opera and I still listen to vinyls of Ida Kelarová, which tears me apart.

Is Czech music field a place where a musician can succeed?

I still believe in classical shamrock of diligence, will and luck.

Have you thought of a singing career abroad? How did you learn, for Czech standards, such good English?

We went abroad with the band a few times, but apart from that I don’t feel any need of it. I want to live and create here. I’ve been learning English since high school where we got a great education. Also, I perfected it by myself by watching movies and series with English subtitles. Many of my friends are foreigners and I have a good musical ear so all mixed together, it gives me pretty decent English skills.

We know that your modeling career also started pretty well too. How do you feel in front of the ocamera?

Photo shooting is another kind of creativity that is close to me, I enjoy it and it’s fulfilling to me. During a photo shoot I feel very comfortable and natural. I am also for any kind of wickedness and I don’t have problems to step out of my comfort zone, which leads to interesting results. I would love to do it more and more.

I cannot overlook your beautiful physique. How do you keep in shape?

In the first place I am very thankful to my parents for great genes, and secondly I exercised a lot as a kid so the body somehow formed itself. Then I added vegan diet and I do yoga here and there. I don’t have any special drill for it; a lucky girl.

We are a project about tattoos. Can you tell us about yours?

Each of my tattoos is a memory of some important time period or event in my life. I am my own diary in a way. I carry the meaning inside rather than on the outside. A tattoo is a beautiful decoration that I value more than any purse or shoes. Each of my tattoos is different, a different style, an artist, a story, but lately I find myself mostly drawn towards abstract tattoos.

Is there any line for you with tattoos? Do you plan getting more?

I definitely don’t like tattoos on face and on women’s chest. Those are almost sacred areas that I wouldn’t ever get touched. On the contrary I like white ink tattoos and I definitely want to get more. I have tons of ideas in my head and I just wait for the right moment to get something.

Do you fancy our idea of showing inked girls for charitable purposes?

Yes, a lot! I am a sensitive person and if there is a way to help or change something I support it. I think we go the right way, if we go together. That is why we are here together. I wish a lot of willpower for all people of good will!

And a little cliché question in the end – is a girl in a band really such a problem as some people say?

Well, I think it isn’t a bad thing at all :-) .

Translation: Hectop, Monča, Raymond