(Česky) Křest kalendáře

13th Nov 2015 was an extraordinary Friday. We launched the third issue of our charity calendar in the Prague´s music club Radost FX. Loads of our fans were there as well as some VIP guests – MAKANI TERROR, JADE HOBDAY and ANETT THE SMURFETTE, the bands The VIV, Last Of Us and John Wolfhooker. Jakub Balgoroth Kocourek presented his magic and fire show.

We enjoyed ourselves very much and we took lots of photographs on a special Inked and Inkers Photo Stage. They will soon be available within the brand new partner project of Suicide Angels – Inked and Inkers Magazine.

On the top of all that we sold calendars worht 10.000CZK and will transfer the money to handicapped boy Matýska Veselého.