LIZZIE & HECTOP a slightly odd couple

They are a perfect match. You either love them or find them too strange. As we belong to the first group, we have prepared the interview below. And Hectop took analog pics of Lizzie with no retouching.

By: Milfi & Monča

How would you introduce Lizzie?

 H: Lizzie is the best partner in hate I could find. Because why to hate something alone when you can hate it together, right? She is very clever, nice and has almost as stupid sense of humor as I do. She has been doing photo shoots for a while, she really likes animals (more than people). She listens to metalcore, but also darker stuff that makes you set your local church on fire. She also likes body modifications through which we met each other.

 How would you introduce Hectop?

 L: Hectop is a nihilistic and never self-satisfied soul. At least that is how he wants to be seen. In reality he is able to have a good time and create stuff. He is a beginner tattoo and scarification artist, body modification enthusiast and among many more stuff an amateur analog photographer.

 H: Heh, ANAL-log – linguistic joke for English speakers.

How were the photos made? Do you do it at a higher/professional level or just for fun?

 L: I got to shibari through my friend, who wanted to learn on me. (Hi, Dominika!) It was a love since the first knot, but after a few weeks I met Hectop and I decided that such intimate moments with ropes have to be shared only with him. We both tie/rig very intuitively, rawly, our own way.

 H: Exactly! At first I didn’t like traditional shibari way of bondage, simply because it is hard work and Hectop doesn’t have the patience and discipline for it. As the time went by Lizzie showed me some pictures and because I am a bit of a freak, even with other stuff, I had to try it. The guy who had taught Lizzie showed me the very basics and since then we have been doing everything our own way. I know one knot and basic safety rules. I don’t have the need to go to workshops and get awfully perfect. I enjoy the feeling when it’s just me, Lizzie and ropes.

 Does either of you ever get bored?

 H: Well, I went to primary and high school and did one semester at university, that was boring. But usually we get bored when we wait for ordered food and I do when I wait for around 2 hours before Lizzie wakes up in the morning if we don’t go to work.

 L: I do when we have to clean up our flat or wash the dishes.

 I know that both of you are body modification enthusiasts. Is there anything that is too much for you?

 L: I personally don’t like amputations. The big ones, such as whole limbs. But I am very tolerant in such stuff and I try to understand who someone does it.

 H: I think I haven’t seen a physical modification that I didn’t want at some point. Anyway, currently I focus on tattoos, scars, stretching piercings and in future I plan some amputations and eyeball (scleral) tattoos. As long as I know that I won’t physically hurt someone else, just myself, I don’t see any reason not to do it. If my family or friends have problem with what I do, I don’t really care. If they don’t like me, we don’t have to see each other.

 Your interests would be considered deviant by the mainstream population. Would you like to send them a message? Not ‘Fuck off’ kind of message, it’s our business, but try to explain, what you get from doing what you do.

 H: I enjoy changing myself and over all try to work with my body and mind. Be it tattoos, body suspension, bondage/shibari or experiencing psychedelics. It is about moving myself forward, away from ‘normal’ society. I don’t feel like a human because I slowly cease to look like them, because I have never thought like most of them. I am not one of you.

 L: Working with pain and/or your body is also a work with your mind. Society understands pain as an enemy, as something negative and tries to avoid it instead of learning how to accept it and work with it. Pain makes us stronger. Body modification is a kind of plastic surgery for me. Someone is happier with new nose or silicon implants in their breasts and someone because of tongue split or tattooed eyeballs.

 … if you want to say something to the world, here is your space.

 H: We all live based on oppressing someone, hurting someone or using someone else. And how many of you, who support such a system every day and go voting as if it could change anything, are capable of hurting yourselves, oppress yourselves physically, voluntarily starve for a few days and destroy yourselves in order to move forward, instead of using others?

 L: I don’t want to talk to other peoples’ souls, I would feel like a Tumblr post. Just that everyone has to start with themselves if they want to change the world.