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.break prejudice

Who are Suicide Angels? We are a unique project, not only in the Czech Republic but as we have inspected, also worldwide. We use the unusual beauty of our girls to draw attention to charity and also commercial projects. We were the very first project of this kind in the Czech Republic but we seem to have the followers who just proof that our original idea was good. Still we will always be a bit different. How?

The content we create is original, we do not copy anyone or just paste interesting posts we found on the Internet. Photos, videos, competitions, events, everything. Project management only consists of 2 people – the fouder Věra and her assistant. Therefore we always know what exactly we are doning and the biggest benefit for our partners is that they communicate with the same person from the beginning to the end of our cooperation.

All our activities had, have and will always somehow be related to charity. Our e-shop included.